The Convergence of Software Development & Globalization Services Reply

A couple months ago, I wrote a post discussing the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) globalization event in Tallinn.  As I mentioned, the conversations around global delivery for products and services provided great insight with ample discussion around meeting standards for an effective global delivery model.  Many of those insights have now been included in LISA’s recently released report, The Convergence of Software Development and Globalization Services: 360 Degree Global Product Delivery.

This report focuses on how the global software product development and globalization services are converging to facilitate smoother global product delivery.  Globalization services (like internationalization engineering, software localization, website globalization, and international QA and testing) that allow companies to sell and support their products and services in foreign markets are becoming increasingly prominent as more and more software development functions are outsourced.  This convergence of services is propelling the industry towards a global product development model while breaking down barriers between teams, functions, and geographies.

The LISA report analyzes this from three different perspectives: business processes and metrics, technology, and human/team dynamics.  Each features interviews with companies that outsource their global product development process, as well as companies that provide that service to them.  The insights into the various areas and companies that specialize in global product development outsourcing provide useful data for making global product delivery decisions.  The report also includes a summary at the end that details the trends and future of global product development out­sourcing, one of which is the whole topic of Agile development.

I don’t need to get on a soapbox to tout the benefits of adopting Agile or the components of it into a company’s overall global sourcing approach, but it is worth noting that it provides one of the best and measurable paths to bringing products to market faster and at lower cost and risk, with much higher quality.

For more, see my presentation from LISA Forum Europe or my blog post on the event.