Agile Enablement Webinar

This Thursday, I will be leading a webinar with my colleague, Portia Tung, on how to enable Agile management practices in the enterprise.   The event should be a great experience for the 550+ registered attendees as we use a real life example of a Fortune 50 company to illustrate how to use Agile to deal with common software challenges.

The webinar will cover ways of overcoming traditional software development limitations using Agile approaches, developing a roadmap to Agile adoption and greater development efficiencies, and creating tangible value of adopting Agile for attendees.  These are important issues to cover as many companies rely on their software development teams to develop IT systems and applications on time and on budget, but often struggle to align project deliverables to the broader goals and needs of the business.

The webinar, entitled “Agile in the Enterprise – .NET Development and Beyond,” will be hosted by InnerWorkings on Thursday, October 8th at 2:00pm EST and promises to be a great event.  To register, click here.


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