Portia Tung at Agile2009 Reply

More and more businesses are adopting Agile development methods to help streamline IT processes and costs, however, they often have trouble defining clear and concise project goals and effectively identifying, solving, and elevating project bottlenecks.  To address this, Portia Tung, Chief Strategy Officer at emergn, will lead two interactive exercises on how to achieve business goals at the Agile2009 Conference later this month.


Portia’s two sessions, “The Bottleneck Game: Discover ToC, Agile, Lean and Real Options through Play and The Business Value Game: How to Build and Use a Business Value Modelwill illustrate the importance of defining business value.  The first will begin with a simulation to learn the techniques, followed by a workshop to apply them to real-world situations.  The second focuses on how organizations can accurately define what the value to the business is for any given project and how to prioritize and communicate that value to the entire team.

Portia explains, “In our experience, games are a highly effective way to learn about theory and its application.  Our sessions are based on experiential learning to increase the stickiness of the information transmitted so that participants can begin to apply their learnings and make tangible improvements the moment they return to work.  The interactive nature of our sessions help connect people, create a sense of common purpose, and increase understanding between members within a team.  And, of course, making learning fun means everyone will want to learn even more!”

For more information on Portia’s Agile2009 sessions, visit the Agile2009 Conference Web site or contact emergn.  You can also find more valuable games and other helpful insight from Portia at here blog, http://www.selfishprogramming.com/.