emergn Company Launch Today Reply

Today, I am proud to announce the launch of emergn, a sourcing strategy and Agile enablement consultancy.  emergn was created to better align the application development sourcing industry for both providers and enterprises.  Click here to view the full press release on our website.

Curtis Robinson, senior analyst at IDC, commented that, “Adamopoulos’ initiative is right on track, and if current market dynamics don’t force companies to consider sourcing models that allow for more cohesion between business and IT, then I really think those companies are not giving themselves the best chance to succeed in the current (and subsequently future) business environment. As companies continue to bring their delivery capabilities closer to their clients, this approach just makes sense. I think current economic conditions, while challenging, present even larger opportunities for enterprises that are looking to deliver to clients in a more seamless, timely, and open manner.”

“Ad-hoc sourcing strategies are having a negative impact on the IT delivery industry and it’s refreshing to hear emergn address these problems – and offering real solutions – tied to an executive team of experienced experts,” said Erin Smith, managing director, Global Services, British Telecom Design. “Moving to adopt Agile practices is key to supporting this view.”

As the application development and outsourcing industries struggle to emerge from years of overbilled and underperforming projects, providers and enterprise customers are at a crossroad.  Today, emergn, a sourcing strategy and Agile enablement consultancy, has been created to help solve the industries’ major challenges: the failures of ad-hoc sourcing strategies for buyers, disconnected global delivery practices for providers and the misalignment between business and IT.  Through emergn’s unified sourcing model, both enterprise and provider are enabled to overcome these challenges through the right blend of industry-leading Agile enablement services, proven sourcing strategies and global delivery and fulfillment capability.

Through the company’s offices in New York, London, and Guangzhou, emergn’s experienced professionals will provide enterprise buyers with a unified sourcing model in support of their requirements, validation, and creation of key business processes either internally or with vendor strategies.  They will provide the adoption of Agile development methodologies that drive business value, as well as the tools and skills needed to empower change within their own development teams.  For sourcing providers, emergn will improve the quality of services through organizational efficiency, integrated processes, improved business models, and a better understanding of project requirements. In both scenarios, emergn will apply its unique blend of experience, IP, and know-how to offer practical solutions, best practices to drive measurable operational excellence. This also provides the ability to expand into new markets and geographies while developing new offerings.  Agile methodology enablement forms the core of emergn’s ability to solve the industry’s main alignment and global delivery challenges.