Global Delivery in Tallinn Reply

The LISA Globalization event in Tallinn proved to be an interesting forum, not only on the topic of localization, which is LISA’s primary area of focus, but also on the topic of global delivery for products and services. The event was attended by localization executives from various technology companies and also had a good mix of service providers interested in globalization.

What I found most interesting was the dialog on meeting the standards for an effective global delivery model. In our presentation, emergn discussed the Gartner definition of GDM and correlated it to the attributes of Globalization and Agile. This sparked a healthy conversation for the remainder of the day on what service providers must do to be credible in the market as they position themselves to meet the global delivery needs that customers have.

Here are two key takeaways…

First, an effective and credible GDM will require expertise to have it implemented and enabled correctly. Yes, this is a core service of emergn, but the reality is that over the next 12-24 months, GDM will become a primary board level topic for service providers and stands to become a budget line item so it can be measured and accounted for.

Second, there is a clear need for GDM certification and industry support. Organizations that will look to implement pieces of GDM, similar to the CMMI rating process, will need third party validation and assistance.

LISA Forum Europe 2009 provided a focused event with rich content and contribution from all attendees. This forum is not only a great base for the growing requirement to educate people of the topic of Globalization in the world of technology and IT, but will also serve as a foundation to educate and support GDM efforts.