emergn Launch Response Reply

After launching emergn earlier this month, we have received a lot of positive feedback.  People seem to recognize the need for our services to solve the industries’ major challenges (the failures of ad-hoc sourcing strategies for buyers, disconnected global delivery practices for providers, and the misalignment between business and IT) and are excited about our unique business model that embraces Agile, what we call a Unified Sourcing Model.


Curtis Robinson, senior analyst at IDC, commented that our “initiative is right on track, and if current market dynamics don’t force companies to consider sourcing models that allow for more cohesion between business and IT, then I really think those companies are not giving themselves the best chance to succeed in the current (and subsequently future) business environment.  As companies continue to bring their delivery capabilities closer to their clients, this approach just makes sense.  I think current economic conditions, while challenging, present even larger opportunities for enterprises that are looking to deliver to clients in a more seamless, timely, and open manner.”